ADSL Services

As the typical use on the Internet is to send small requests and receive large files or downloads, ADSL is faster in the return (Downstream) than in the upload (upstream) direction (asymmetric). Techno Mina Communications provides ADSL services with wide variations of high speed connectivity ranging from 256Kbps to 2M matched with ratio 1:4 or 1:2 as an excellent solution for this purpose.

This service makes use of the existing telephone line, and enables high transferred data to be sent and received simultaneously over the line.

Carrying the best Techno Mina Communications ADSL Packages, both Residential (Individual) and Business users can enjoy the following benefits:

“Flat-rate package” managed by Techno Mina Communications.

  • No more Internet telephone bills received from Telecom Egypt. Bills will be based on voice only.
  • No dedicated Leased Line or phone line is required as the phone line will be splitted to Voice and Data in the same time.
  • “Always On”, Permanent service.
  • “Reliability”: Downloading big files with very high speeds. (Graphics, real time and interactive multimedia, dynamic contents, video, etc).
  • “Instantly on”: No Dial up or busy signals.
  • For Business service: multiple LAN users can share one ADSL connection and run all professional applications.
  • In addition, a range of static IPs is provided for multiple purposes, like dedicating hosting server, e-mail server, etc.

 How to get connected:

  • Offering a single point of contact, Techno Mina Communications arranges for activating customer ADSL service on telephone line through Telecom Egypt.
  • Once ready, a unique set of splitter and relative DSL modem is provided to the customer reference to according to signed contract.
  • The splitter is a device that allows two wires to simultaneously activate phone job while others act as data jack to the DSL modem.

Installation and set up on customer site is offered with extra charges