SDSL Services

SDSL is a symmetrical service, which has more business bandwidth flexibility than ADSL. For this reason, SDSL is an excellent solution for medium and large sized Business enterprises that require fast speeds for both uploading and downloading in order to carry large amounts of Data in both directions.

As a top leader ISP providing SDSL solutions and its applications in Egypt,

Techno Mina Communications offers a versatile and dedicated SDSL broadband speeds ranging from 256 kbps to 2 Mbps in each direction equally and its multiples.

Techno Mina Communications qualified engineers help organizations to identify the desired bandwidth referring to their applications and expected data transmission rates.

Furthermore, by establishing Techno Mina Communications SDSL solutions; big organizations can easily connect their LANs (or WANs) to an extremely high volume communication to the Internet, and enjoy the following benefits:

High Bandwidth availability and excellent Data throughput.

  • Uploading and downloading large Data Files equally fast.
  • High reliability and Always On connection to the Internet.
  • Running full managed interactive E-mail server or Web server on premise LAN.
  • Cost effective services based on flat rate.

Important Note:

Techno Mina Communications SDSL connectivity is designed to construct the communication infrastructure basis in organizations. As the chosen speed may vary, the technology remains the same. Then, once installed; organization can easily ask for dramatically upgrade their links to the Internet with no fear of service interruption or extra H/W required.