Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance over IP / IP Cameras and Security

Techno Mina Communications provides advanced and improved surveillance systems for monitoring, intrusion detection and/or security purposes over the Internet cloud, You can safely watch your warehouse, storage areas, other far distance locations, valuable assets and not to be worried about it anymore because it is under your eye sight (Thanks for the IP Camera technology).

IP cameras are advanced surveillance cameras like those old surveillance cameras were based on closed circuits, but now you can travel anywhere in the world, go away from your valuable assets and watch your branches wherever they are, hear what is happening in this moment and even record streaming video/audio for further needs, triggering the advanced motion detection system in those cameras can alert you when anything changes in the sight of the camera, email a warning to your account that you can even check on your mobile phone. With advanced IP cameras that can bind and tilt you can trust your digital eye in the remote place.

Advanced security consultation weather for your systems or data or premise is available too from Techno Mina Communications, we will help you implement the security solution that suite your need without paying excess money.