Web Solutions

Domain Name Registration

The Internet Domain Name has become a vital part of corporate identity. In 21st Century, companies’ domain names will be as important as their trade marks and their presence in a global market place. Consequently, companies are recommended to register their domains names quickly before it comes unavailable.

Web Development & design

Company’s Web presence has become one of the most important public company marketing and sales channels that increase productivity and business profitability on a large scale and in all fields.

Techno Mina Communications development team develops innovative and highly sophisticated projects serving different fields and purposes.

A full design tailoring customer’s views and needs can be provided including: Text, graphical elements, likable icons, animations, Java scripts, interactive links, Flash intro, as well as On line E-Business applications.

The reference of Techno Mina Communications designed web sites and portals reflect the professionalism of its development team who apply the most advanced tools in creating their pages.

Web Hosting 

Techno Mina Communications web hosting solutions enables organization’s web site or application to be accessed by Internet users on the World Wide Web.

Organizations can choose between hosting their designed home page on Techno Mina Communications Web Servers (shared hosting) or getting dedicated hosting package that includes allocating high performing server(s) with redundant facilities, back-up options, and redundant Internet connectivity, and high security measures to guarantee 99% availability of site on the Internet and maximum immunity against hacking or service denial attacks.