Wireless Solutions

Wireless Broadband

Wireless solutions are suitable for organizations which have remote branches allocated in areas with poor or unavailable copper infrastructure.

Techno Mina Communications offers broadband wireless solution as an alternative last mile access technology that uses Radio Frequency (RF) transceiver equipment to deliver integrated communication services (Voice, Video, Teleconferencing, Internet service, Data) in highly scalable and cost effective manner.

Wireless solutions enable large and medium sized organizations to connect data networks of their branches or suppliers directly together, instead of passing through Telecom Exchanges.

As the local loop charges will be eliminated, upgrading bandwidth in any branches or to the Internet will take just a few hours.

Wireless LAN

Techno Mina Communications provides this service as per organization request in order to implement the Local Area Network of their office connecting all PCs, printers and servers wirelessly. In this case, no need to extend LAN cablings or associate cables across rooms or buildings.

This solution is suitable for factories, manufacturing areas, or big office buildings, or companies which have many buildings in the same area.